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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by qty226:
Originally posted by Huey:
Where the hell are you located??? There's only 24 hours in a day. A guy can't tell the "majority" from the "minority." IMO, I think the majority is trying to blend in with the minority and vice versa, to the point that they're dating the knucklehead minority of us men. Didn't you read my quotes? "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?" How much more of a hint do you need that a good number of the female majority like bad boys, along with the minority? Sadly, many of those men pretend to be those knuckleheads because some of the "majority" of women have been sold a bag of goods that these bad boys are the pick of the litter, and that anyone without any knucklehead criteria doesn't even get the time of day.

You need to take heed of your male friend's words. If the majority actually chose to be with decent guys instead of knuckleheads, every single decent dude on the planet would have somebody right now, and every single ruffneck would be crying his eyes out, sitting next to a radio and singing along to some lame-ass JaFool, er JaRule & Ashante "thug love" ballad.

Huey, youre all over the place with this.

You said this.... "We approach the next one, which is easy since women outnumber men anyway." and now you are trying to slither around this.
and YOU'RE not slithering around my quotes?
It is, what it is.....
Bingo! The defense rests.
If you can say, that the "majority" of black woman love thugs.........then it'll be fair for me to say that, the 'majority' of black men ARE thugs.
I said a good number of the so-called majority have been sold a bag of goods (i.e. have been pounded daily by advertisement, videos, tv programs, etc. that those "thugs" are the pick of the litter). If the majority aren't dating these thugs (and MOST BLACK MEN AREN'T), then somebody in the media are trying their best to get the majority to be attracted to them!
This just doesnt make any sense.....

The key is this.......there are a ton of black women, working hard in their careers, everyday........ and will NOT allow themselves to be caught dead with a thug!

And there are a ton of hard-working, intelligent black men who aren't trying to pretend to be thugs, in order to get a date, despite the pressure from society who are drilling into both sexes that a man has to be thuggish in order to get the time of day for women, period. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any reason why songs like "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys," "Gotta Have a Ruffneck," or Destiny Child's "Soldier" would even exist, let alone playing or have played on the airwaves.

This is an excuse........

An excuse for the women who date those knuckleheads (or at least being in denial of dating them or being attracted to them), or the men who actually date those women?