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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by qty226:
Originally posted by ddouble:
What happened to the sharp left turn that made this about MEN. Isn't the topic why women love knuckleheads? So perhaps in keeping with detroit1's thought, women should also take the time to go beyond the surface of tall, muscled, wealthy, nice house or car, or high social status and pay attention to the men who don't flaunt & flash these things (even though they may possess them) that may happen to be good people.

The article mentioned that "some men feel that the women they would like to date "don't want anything to do" with men like them.

My other friend believes "women want knuckleheads; guys who use and abuse them. A lot of women do not want nice guys," he lamented."

I mentioned that the there are a lot of women, from which to chose.........but it seems that a lot of men, pick the same woman, and gets upset, when she chooses a knucklehead.

This is preposterous. Straight idiocy. How do you compare getting upset when a man dates an "uber hottie" over a "regular" hottie, and a man getting upset when she dates a knucklehead, ruffneck, etc.? It's not even debatable. Is it because there's so many of them in jail, that he has no other choice but to think about his girl? Nobody's ever gotten a life sentence for being too pretty. Any women that turns down a guy for someone that she already KNOWS is no good is deranged. Your male friend hit the nail on the head. Some women really don't want nice guys. That's not a myth, that's the naked truth.

Lets be real........most women do not like knuckleheads,now who are these women???

Come on, now. Don't get facetious, qty226. You don't have to know them. Whether you know these women are not, isn't the case. Don't act like these women don't exist. How do you think the saying "Nice guys finish last?" came into existence? You think a man made that phrase up in the top of his head?

There was a song in the 80s called "Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?" MC Lyte had a rap called "Gotta Have a Ruffneck."

How much evidence do you need?
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