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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by Huey:
Firefly, you and the rest of the know I'm telling the truth. Kelly is a "stealth" hottie, whereas Beyonce is a "IN YOUR FACE" uber-hottie. She's hot. She knows she's hot, and if you forget she's hot, she will REMIND you how hot she is. When Beyonce is in the room, sometimes you forget that Kelly (or Michelle) is also in the room. Get it? It's like if Salma Hayek (OMG) is in the room, you kinda forget about Eva Mendes, Camille Guaty or Zoe Saldana in also in the room. If you get rid of the alpha hotties/uber-hotties, all the stealth hotties will have room to shine and guys will flock to them.

It's true. I just call it like I see it. It happened to me. For example, I remember this fly, hot, sexy ass desi (South Asian/East Indian) coed that lived across the hall from my female friend's room in her dorm. Her name was Gunjin. Yeah, her name was weird, but her looks made up for it. She was FINE AS HELLL!!! Beautiful face, full pouty lips, sexy body, long dark hair, smooth skin. I don't have to tell you how long the line was on campus for dudes (myself included) that wanted to explore Gunjin's "dungeon."

Anyway, my hometown friend came from out of town, to visit me and my female friend Sharon. Soon as Sharon leaves her door open, an hour later, guess who gets back to her room across the way?...Gunjin, with her fine ass. (pause to wipe off drool)

I introduce my hometown friend to Gunjin and her roommate...and needless to say, my friend and I totally forget about her roommate, b/c we were so mesmerized by her looks. 10 minutes after we had a great conversation with Miss G, We get back to Sharon, and she gets mad at us for drooling and pawning all over Gunjin and ignoring her roommate.

"I bet you don't even know her roommate's name," Sharon said. And she was right. We didn't even remember the name of Gunjin's roommate. I don't even remember to this day...whether it was Susie, Megan or Plain Jane McClane. All I know about her is that she was female, a mammal, and possibly had brunette or auburn hair.

Youre too funny lol

But you have just proven my point........

ALL of the guys chase the "IN YOUR FACE" hottie, while ignoring the "stealth" hottie.

There is nothing wrong with this, these men should continue to chase who they 'like'.

But.......dont complain or try to run after the "stealth" hottie, when the well runs dry. Big Grin