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Reply to "Why do women love "knuckleheads"?"

Originally posted by hungry4more:
Last night I was enjoying some superb live jazz at a local spot with a couple of good male friends. I was surprised that these two nice-looking, strong, funny, hard-working guys were complaining that the women they would like to date "don't want anything to do" with men like them.

Why? I asked. "If you are not making in the high six figures, the average woman wants nothing to do with you," said one. My other friend believes "women want knuckleheads; guys who use and abuse them. A lot of women do not want nice guys," he lamented.

We spent much of the night, between the sweet sax rhythms, discussing why many women are attracted to emotionally abusive, unavailable guys. Maybe it's the challenge of trying to change a bad boy into a good man or perhaps it's a woman's tendency to forgive the bad and savor the good. How do I know?
Been there, done that, have t-shirts in all sizes.

I believe everybody wants to be loved and treated well. All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it just takes kissing lots of dark and moody frogs to find a shining prince.

Do nice guys finish last?

With all due respect, I think your boys have missed it. Have they asked themselves why they'd want to be burdened with a woman who makes a key (relationship)decision on how much money someone makes? do not character, personality, intellect matter?

Do they not consider themselves worthy of a woman whose criteria at least considers a man's capacity for commitment, sincerity, compassion? Yes, economic security is important, but if these particular sistas make their decisions/calls on a man's salary situation, then your boys should realize they got away clean and maybe should be grateful for that.

...and to answer your question? nah, we don't finish last. Smile