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Reply to "Why do souls come to Earth?"

Why would a soul choose to leave Heaven and come to Earth? Not only is Earth, no doubt, a rather sordid place compared to Paradise, they can also screw up and get sent to hell for eternity.

First MBM, the soul cannot choose to do anything whether it want to or no. This is so because the human soul is the infinite State, and the infinite State is our entire universe. Since this is now admitted as true by the learned, how can a soul choose? Moreover, there is no individual soul, there is only the infinite State, it being relative, the finite State is what is unique.

You are assuming there is such a thing or place as heaven or paradise, I deny that such a place exists.

In my thread, the Metaphysics of Shango and the Philosophy of Olodumare I have shown, by clear and certain examples, that eternal existence and eternal non-existence is the metaphysics that forms the universe! This law cannot be broken at all.

What this means in terms of the soul is that it is alive forever, it being the infinite State, while the body, it being in the finite State, naturally perishes.

And, will never be bought back to life.

The human body is a perfection but it is illusory since it does not last forever!

There are only these two States to the universe, a finite State and an infinite State. The finite State is the infinite State whereas the finite is illusory and the infinite is real, consequently, man is two States in one! The two States are one being whom I've called Shango!

Again, you can have no proof that hell exists or that paradise exists!

What proof do you have that such places exists but to rely on the bible and I have often said there is nothing mystic or truthfaul about that bible. Everything in it is false. For it makes the claim that God created the universe.

How could God created the universe when he ain't got no mystic power!

Shango has the mystical power because Olodumare is the first cause!

Again, this universe was made by Shango not by God.

So souls cannot choose! They cannot think, only the infinite State can think, and I have shown that the infinite State is the human mind.