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Reply to "Why do souls come to Earth?"

Originally posted by kresge:

Do you have a referent for this teaching within the Christian tradition about souls coming from heaven. I must confess that I have never heard of it.

I'm asking the question - not making a statement. Your insight is what I'm looking for here.

Where do souls come from? They go to Heaven but are conjured from . . .? God is in Heaven. Wouldn't it seem reasonable to think that He creates new souls there?

In thinking about it, I guess the question in and of itself is probably contrary to Christianity - since reincarnation is probably not embraced in the Christian tradition (is it?).

Your thoughts?

P.S. The concept of souls coming down to Earth is not unique and new in Western culture. In fact, IMO, it is fairly common. I'm just trying to understand what Christianity says about that and if the souls themselves have any say in it.