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Reply to "Why do men hurt us?????"

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A: because we let them.
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Len: So, don't be discouraged, tribulations are a part of life, which by the way are great teachers. Hang in there, the sun will shine; nothing in this life goes unbalanced.

Rowe: They [men] are real people with their own set of issues and needs. Therefore, our job (both women and men) is not to find someone who will get rid of our issues, but someone with whom you can work together towards making BOTH our lives better.

Sister Virtue needs to take at least some responsibility for allowing herself to be taken advantage of and for not protecting her own rights as a human being.

qty226: communication is key........allow the man/men know that you are hurting...........if they love and care about you.....they will listen.

Midlifeman: You have to know what you want and accept nothing less.

keylargo: some men are just plain selfish.
Focus on your needs more.
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there is so much wisdom - above. Smile

I believe the old adage that you can't get what you want until you know what you want. And, virtue, I think you don't really know what you want - at this point in time. Let's face it, we change, what we need and what we want changes too... people around us change.

Other than a sweet, loyal, loving man... what else do you want - of him and yourself, of life?

Once you truly know those answers, then you can begin to work out how to get what you want, and what you are prepared to sacrifice (on a healthy level) and what it takes of you to achieve it. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Sappy goop it may be to some, but the journey stuff is true. Even if we meet the perfect man and get the perfect job, life doesn't end there... "we never arrive and unpack" ... the journey is constant - we evolve.
I wish you love and luck in your journey virtue.