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Reply to "Why can poor socialist CUBA take better care of its people during Hurricans?"

COOL - so any transition that you make to another country won't be so dramatic because your anticipation is low already.

It is going to take RELOCATION for some of you to realize that despite it's flaws America is a better place to live for a kulored fella than most.

1] Stating the REALITY has nothing to do with "anticipation" or Low Expectations. It is simply a Statement of Fact. One that you obviously have no other counter for than your Neo-Coonin'...

2] Whether America is the "best" place, comparatively, has shit to do with America being a BETTER place than what it is. You can take that supposedly Blackened version of "Love It Or Leave It" back to Fantastic Sams or some other place you want to celebrate being close and intimate with White people.

And you can GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS. We'll all relocate there so you can feel some real-to-life "oppression". Of course, we'll play the Majority and we'll let you be the "oppressed" Minority. We'll explore all types of "oppression"... Then when we're done we'll tell you about some places were it would be even worst for you. So when you're crying "Why Are You Doing This To Me (where is the Black Communities "democracy")" we'll tell you you're in the best situation you could be in. Where else would you like to be a "minority", an actual fuckin' "anomaly" (as Kevin says), amongst a racial/ethnic group?

In other words, stop your complaining... you got it good. Your ass hasn't been *NECKLACED* yet!
Be happy.