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Reply to "Why can poor socialist CUBA take better care of its people during Hurricans?"


Let us strip away the B.S. and ask some tough and introspective questions.


Can you tell me where the "Emergency Shelters" might be if you had it your way?

Now think of this. There was an evacuation order given.

I understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Despite this warning there will be some people without the means to leave they city and will need help.

What was NOT accounted for is the large number of people who said "I have heard it all before. I'm not leaving". Even today you have people showing up to be rescued in placed that had been previously thought to have been vacated.

Stripping away the B.S. - how WOULD YOU MANAGE THIS SITUATION if you actually had some responsibility?

This is a catastrophy all the way around!!!!

I believe that the government at every level DID NOT HAVE AN ADEQUATE EMERGENCY PLAN in place before this incident happened.