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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

1) Monitor admission policies of educational institutions & issues sanctions for unfair admissions practices.

2) Restore the value & importance of education in the Black community. Too often education is viewed as "acting white". The goal in our culture should be that everyone obtain a college and/or trade school degree.

3)Monitor public schools for sucessful programming. Use these techniques to improve underperforming schools.


You miss the fundemental issue of the debate. It is the lack of resources being provided to Black people coupled with tests that are culturally biased against Black people succeed that allow those in power to extend their power to forthcoming generations.

This America society is based on the unequal distribution of resources. If you are White you get what you need. If you are dark you get stranded at the Super Dome, left to fend for yourself.

Your plan is not accurate because you have Blacks to compete head to head with White folks in college when these Whites have long been able to leverage their current position of wealth.

It sounds like you are blaming Black people for our performance in the SAT rather than the system that is carrying out it's plans successfully.

The sysem doesn't want us in Berkeley where the latest advances in human knowledge are taking place. Just as there is bans on having the Chinese to gain access to highly technical components there is also a system to keep Blacks from gaining hold of the knowledge that would later be used to upset the White power system. The system is performing as it was intended to.

Blacks in jail and resentful, Whites in college thinking that they have earned everything that they have gotten in life.