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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

You're playing a semantic game and misrepresenting what I said...
Funny but that's exactly what I keep illustrating in terms of what you did in trying to question what Kevin presented.

Again, "quality education" and "college worthy" vs. MOST SELECTIVE college prep. Your multi-pronged manner is irrelevant here.

What did I misrepresent from what you said?
You still have a bias and a position. The things you listed in your multi-pronged manner speaks to that. Your unfounded questioning of Kevin speaks to that.

You ASSUMED I was trying to label you as a Liberal and, most likely, as a Conservative. Whatever you are, you still have a position. Why you like to play semantical games and try to act like you're objective when you're not is beyond me.

Nothing in Kevin's positions says that he is not a proponent of the things you listed. But since he didn't or doesn't articulate things the way you want him or rather the way you do then you ASSUME things you obviously have no basis for. Hence you tagline...

The truth is... THE POINT is only lost on those who don't want to see the point. I'm trying to see yours but you can't keep yours straight.

As for things you say and me "reading into them"... You're not providing any evidence that I have. You're just making an assertion. But beyond that, nothing you or anyone says gets a pass and, no, I won't take things you say at face value when its clear what I have said about what you said is significant. You can call it semantics all you want but that too is an unsubstantiated assertion. It's made all the more clear that what you say is nothing but a mere assertion given you multi-pronged manner...

That is unless you're claiming I've played semantical games on something different. But since you haven't specified, I'm sure I'm correct in saying you've merely made an empty assertion and, no doubt, presented your multi-pronged idea because you would rather not support your claims. Just make them.