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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"


You could do the research yourself, especially when you're going to try to call something someone else said on such a subject into question...

The decline in minority enrollment is fueling concern that the Boston Public Schools are not doing enough to recruit the system's largest groups of students to Latin School, one of its three selective exam high schools

...The school system, with a limited budget, is still trying to prepare and recruit students to the Latin School and the other two exam schools,where minority enrollments are significantly higher and have held steady since the November 1998 court ruling. Black and Hispanic students make up about 60 percent of the enrollment at O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science and nearly 40 percent of Boston Latin Academy.

...The Latin School is the largest of the three...

...The schools' recruiting budget for the three exam schools has been slashed. (From 430K to 50K...)

Payzant said the city is focusing on improving all schools and giving students other options...

But parents and alumni say the Latin School is clearly the city's premier school, preparing students for top-notch colleges and grooming future leaders.
Make sure you click on pages 1 and 2 sir. Now tell me what's the basis of your questioning?

Notice the number of minorities held "steady" at the other two of the three most heralded schools (apparently from the article)... Boston Latin being the top one. So where did the Dropped Students go? Somewhere along the lines those kids, that number of them, are locked out of those opportunities. PERIOD.

If those that would have previously been selected to attend Boston Latin then took slots at the other two top exam schools then somewhere along the line they displaced other students who would have previously been in those two schools. So there is a net loss. Why it would take all of this to establish this bpoint I don't know. But I do know it has something to do with your bias. Your incredulity and bias.