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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

Your gut feeling (and even mine) may be that without legal checks, racist admissions policies are back in place, but it is just a guess without the stats.
Ummm... that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what was said. NOTHING.

Racist Admissions policies have nothing to do with the fact that there was a Drop in the admissions and, as such, a drop in the the chances for African-Americans students to take advantage of the opportunity such a school offered. I can't help it if you can't logically sustain the things you say.

Whether we live in Boston or not, is immaterial. The FACT is Kevin said MOST COMPETITIVE, MOST SELECTIVE schools and you merely said some ambiguous "quality education" and some inane idea about merely having college worthy credentials. Just own up to your attempt to cloud the issue by missing the point.

If you don't know anything about Boston and the schools there then you can't suggests that there are other schools there at the level of Boston Latin. Once again you're not presenting objectivity. You're trying to suggest something to discredit a certain point made when, admittedly, you don't have the facts to do so.

Once again, you first suggested that other schools be formed with the Boston Latin curriculum. Then you switched to trying to suggest that there must be other schools where Black students can get a "quality education"... At no point was there ever a statement saying that Boston Latin could or should educate ALL Black Students. But that didn't keep you from saying some irrelevant stuff like that.

Why is it so hard to just deal squarely with what is said? I could care less whether you're a Liberal or a Conservative. Your bias or you inability to deal earnestly with the subject is clear. Don't matter where you fall. Your bias is still clear. Or rather the fact that you can hear clear cyber-English typed on this page as you tried to trip because Kevin not only presents facts/stats he feels are relevant to his point but also does something you take issue with - in your words, "berate, belittle, etc." The function of you saying that is a definite bias when you don't apply that standard across the board. And you simply haven't. Whether you want to lie to yourself about that or not, I don't care. But I, for one, will not be party to your own self delusions, etc.

And, once again, notice you don't criticize CF & Co. for a lack of facts/stats. You most certainly didn't critique Bill Cosby on that basis. So please try that stuff elsewhere.

And Kevin makes the assertion, so actually the burden of proof is on him.
Dude, you don't have information to suspect that what Kevin said is not true. His assertion was supported by what he said. The Drop In Black Enrollment at Boston Latin substantiated what he said. Boston Latin being the school that it was that was a vehicle to the most prestigous colleges. What stats do you feel are needed?

Really... if you actually had a point you would be able to better specify what is missing. To the contrary, all you have said after that is a mix of contradictory stuff that you can't even begin to present in a manner that makes sense. So Kevin has to prove what?

Again, you have no information to the contrary so the basis of your suspicions, the reason for you need for proof is what?

You admit that you are ignorant of Boston but your whole point is to try to suggest that there is some possibility that Kevin made a statement that may not be true. Your basis?

Dude, the fact that Boston Latin changed its policies is evidence enough of the "serious damage"... again, especially when you said:
Wouldn't it be useful to cull what is so successful at this school & begin to implement it at others?

You were implying that OTHER SCHOOLS did not have the same successful program as Boston Latin. Given that... what is your basis for wanting proof of something you already conceded?

Find a position and learn how to stick to it and articulate it in an honest, forthright manner. It's not that hard.

But, no... skip the silly stuff... RECONCILE that statement of yours ("wouldn't it be useful...") with this fake attempt to act like there is some great need for proof about the options in the Boston School System.

I mean, once again, your notions didn't match what Kevin said. Again, you said mere "quality education" or mere "college worthy" credentials when Kevin explictly stated Boston Latin was a vechile for the MOST... the MOST selective colleges.

Perhaps when you're able to actually show you're on the same subject then your points can be addressed. But it seems you're either purposely trying to confuse the issue or just mistakenly conflating things you have no logical reason to.