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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

Proof indeed. It is just as logical to say that this drop in admissions is 'proof' that AA has been ineffective in helping to improve education levels in our community.
And that's a False Test, a False Dichotomy. AA has never been billed as a program to "educational levels in our community" particularly on the K-12 level.

Now, where is the proof that AA was billed as a program with the aim to "set out to achieve" such educational goals on the K-12 level that you allude to?


Like I suggested and anticipated: Unrealistic Expectations. Claiming AA was suppose to improve the educational level in our community is a not even realistic, much less true of the stated aims of AA.

But then again, you statement about FAR TOO MANY Success Stories slaps your BS in the face. If the 42% is "proof indeed" then dumbasses with WHITE RHETORIC when it comes to AA are proven to be against one thing that has indeed provided a measure of "success". And your motivation, as stated, in wanting to change is because White People are happy with AA.

Shows where your interests lay.
Why would or should anything that's "proof indeed" of success, even a little... why should that be eliminated from the equation in the absence of a better alternative, which again is not forthcoming from you, CF or whoever is inclined to regurgitate WHITE LOGIC?

As the title suggest... you cannot logically justify the BS you espouse.

Your question asking privileges have been REVOKED. Time to ante and answer up. Still waiting on a substantive position or an alternative from you when you choose to say ignorant shit like you have.

"I know it causes resentment and division..."