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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

There is no evidence provided to show that "Clearly this huge drop in black enrollments at Boston Latin will do serious damage to the prospects of African-American students from Boston's public schools to gain an education necessary for them to compete and be admitted to our nation's most selective colleges and universities."
Well, DD, that 42% drop in Black Enrollment seems to be proof, in and of itself - like it or not whether it says enough or not - that this particular vechile has been scaled down drastically. Drastically decreasing the chances. But it's funny how you don't examine the logic and arguments of those who hardly ever present stats or objective information in support of their positions.

And, moreover, your very own comments make the Boston Latin example one where you too invest a degree of certitude into how much is lost with that 42% Drop in Black Enrollment there. Hmmmm...
Considering that this high school can't teach all the Black students in Boston - wouldn't it be useful to cull what is so successful at this school & begin to implement it at others?

Notice you didn't say Boston Latin wasn't the only successful school - i.e. with examples of others that are just as competitive and successful as it is now - but, instead, you asked whether its success, its success can be duplicated/replicated in other schools. Hmmm....

Now, that in and of itself says by default, that in the absence of such schools, schools competitive or the functional equivalent to Boston Latin that there is a net loss. The 42% Drop in Black Enrollment, though hardly precise, gives us a pretty good clue as to how much of a loss that is.

And your question was FRAUDULENT:
Are you suggesting that Boston Latin is the only school in the Boston public system that can provide Blacks with a quality education or credentials worthy of college admission?

Ummm.... The very thing you quoted from KEVIN said:
This huge drop in black enrollments at Boston Latin will do serious damage to the prospects of African-American students... to gain an education necessary for them to compete and be admitted to ***our nation's most selective colleges and universities.***

A mere "quality" education and the mere prospects of college admission/education was not at issue. Being admitted in OUR NATION'S MOST COMPETITIVE AND MOST SELECTIVE SCHOOLS was indeed what was at issue.

Once again you are the one MISSING THE POINT!

  • It is easy to see how one could think that elite colleges enhance their graduates' earnings. According to the College and Beyond Survey, data collected by the Mellon Foundation, the average student who entered a highly selective college like Yale, Swarthmore or the University of Pennsylvania in 1976, earned $92,000 in 1995. The average student from a moderately selective college, like Penn State, Denison or Tulane, earned $22,000 less.

  • More selective schools accept students with greater earnings potential, and students with greater earnings potential are more likely to apply to more selective schools.

  • One group of students, however, clearly benefited from attending a highly selective college: those from lower-income families... For them, attending a more selective school increased earnings significantly.
  • These are all things that Stand To Reason. Out front and open, the assumption is a significant number of lower-income African-Americans are locked out of, steered away from opportunities that will maximize their potential.

    Now, unless you have stats to say that's not the case in Boston and that Boston Latin didn't produce such opportunities and Black students there didn't go on to earn significantly more than their counterparts in schools that merely offered "quality" education, if other ones did at all to any respectable degree, then you really have nothing to stand on.

    As always, your bias comes through with one little statement that goes beyond what you want to claim as your point in making the comment, inquiry or observation you made:
    Sometimes, the point being made... is lost in the battle to belittle, berate, and be right.

    Instead of just making an observation or asking a question about the facts/stats and the lack or the fullness thereof... you had to try to characterize what Kevin was doing in a way to belittle and berate the information he presented instead of just asking for clarification and leaving it at that.

    The Thread Topic is:
    Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues

    Seems to me, as you say, there is not much to talk about. Kevin position is and always was one where the challenge is clear: Can B-Con's Justify Their Support For AA Bans When There Is Reason To Believe African-Americans Are Adversely Affected.

    Unfortunately for you and the most ardent B-Con's or whatever persuasion, Party-Liners or Those Who Like A Degree Of "Independence" From The Party-Line (but still hold to it on this issue)... the burden of proof is on you and them. Obviously, you can't stay on track enough (quality education vs. the most selective) to present even reasonable doubt much less probable cause...

    When you say the things you do... you are not hiding your bias. You might as well be upfront with it.