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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

Why on earth would you cling so strongly to something that obviously is not doing the trick?
Doing what "trick"?

The problem is you weak ant-aa people try to act like aa was proposed or is proposed as a cure-all. You can't sustain an argument without that false premise.

Now, at no point have you or CF presented an alternative, much less a functional or more beneficial one. Just inane rhetoric about how little AA does. Ummm... the way you have expressed your ideas saying that does not denigrate AA it denigrates your lack of better ideas which have not been forthcoming. You're the one with a problem with it. It's incumbent on you to present alternatives and not just rhetoric stating why you are against AA.

Oh and that "trick" thing... that goes back to what I asked you before which goes to the heart of your ideas here:
What were the goals, or intentions, of instituting these things in society?

You know you don't have question asking privileges around here. That is, until you answer some questions. Now it's your turn. Step up.