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Reply to "Why blkCONS cannot logically justify their stance on issues"

Considering that this high school can't teach all the Black students in Boston - wouldn't it be useful to cull what is so successful at this school & begin to implement it at others?

Sometimes, the point being made (and the thread topic itself in many instances) is lost in the battle to belittle, berate, and be right.
And, DD... who really has missed that point?

What I'm asking, as I have posed to CF, what have Black CONservatives (or those who make it a point to make the point you're making) done in that regard?

When we look over that landscape, by and large, it's the "liberals" or radicals who have taken up that mantle and actually built schools trying to implement at least something different, if not the best models they are aware of.

So, really, your critique, though important, hardly seems warranted. The "battle" or debate here is along the lines drawn around AA. The discussion has hardly been about the whole range of things useful or instructive towards the ultimate... So to basically assume, as you have, that replicating effective models has been overlooked is a idea that's unfounded and hardly within the scope of what's been discussed. That is, you're interjecting something that's really not part of the conversation. The title of the thread is?

Now, your point and the way you expressed it would be justified if this thread-discussion was about what amounts to quality education and what things have to be done to pursue and secure it for most or all.

Funny how Kevin's opinion on vouchers, e.g., would strike againt this idea that one good school(s) or such quality education scheme/regime would or could teach the most or all...