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Reply to "Why are we comfortable with Euro-paganism and not African?"

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:
I would like all those(especially X-tians) who are comfortable with Santa, X-mas trees, the Easter Bunny ect. to really analyze and comment on why they are comfortable with the inundation of pre-X-tian European symbols and practices(These things are NOT secular) yet are petrified of all things that are pre-X-tian and African.(In particular West African...I notice a lot of us are comfy with Nile Valley symbolism, yet shun Voudun/Yoruba symbolism/practices/beliefs ect. IMO this is largely because of the Biblical/historical ties)

I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I would like to see what those who actually do this are thinking.

A very interesting question/topic. My answer is the interpretation of the Bible and teachings of Christianity exclude all other types of worship, so that Christians close their minds to it (or to any other alternative), and, perhaps more practically, because people don't know anything about it. However I am not christian.

When I was doing (limited) research for my story I found an interesting book (that I dipped into) about Voudun culture/worship called Divine horsemen: voodoo gods of Haiti. Deren, Maya. Are you familiar with it?
I wondered if you or anyone else had read it and their thoughts?

And I also wondered whether Haitian Voudun is vastly different from African vodun? I understand that it would have changed/evolved in it's 'new' environment.