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Reply to "Why are we comfortable with Euro-paganism and not African?"

Originally posted by Melesi:
It isn't the "paganism" that we are comfortable with. The symbols of Christmas are secular: Santa is the diminution of a bishop of Smyrna and not at all ecclesiastical any more, so he is secular. The tree has no one dancing around it and praising and thanking the earth or the earth goddess any more (except perhaps the occasional Wiccan whose religion is far more modern than they like to think), so it is secular. Even the solstice is noted generally only as a time of the daylight finally lengthening which means that summer and vacations will finally be here.

The question of this thread I think was misdirected. It's not that we are comfortable with paganism. We're merely comfortable with anything no matter its origin if it is stripped of its original meaning (we don't spend much time on Christ-mass morning worshipping, do we?) and made harmelss so we can celebrate something and enjoy ourselves. We will turn anything into entertainment if we can, and we've done that with Christmas, the bunnies and eggs of Easter, the ghouls of Halloween, and largely the fireworks of the Fourth of July. As long as we can have our corn on the cob and barbeque, other people can sing about Valley Forge all they want. We like our firworks.

It isn't paganism. It's the fun we like.

You are missing something.

None of thse 'harmless' stripped pagan symbols are African in origin.

BTW bowing down to the X-mass tree on the winter solstice doesn't sound like an empty gesture to me.

They have us practicing their Euro-paganism and disrespecting, vilifying, and aboring our Afro-pagains...BTW I don't have a problem with the word pagan it just means...the belief and practices othe country folk.

But never-the-less... I got no good responses from anyone accept those that basically share my perspective... predictable.

DivineJoy, are you European/White or just brainwashed? I ask because anyone who thinks this particular countries morals have declined since the times of the native Amerikkkan genecide and the enslavement of African peoples is suspect.

I was tempted to call you an intellectually insulting name at one point while reading this thread, but your banter makes me pitty you.

BTW missionaries went to West Africa and brainwashed our family over their to think slavery and colonization was 'our' fault too. You can get all kinds of brainwashed folk to say all kinds of self hating comments, especially on the tel-lie-vision.