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Reply to "Why are we comfortable with Euro-paganism and not African?"

Originally posted by DivineJoy:
The West African Kings (Mali and Songhai empires) are the ones who sold their enemies as slaves to America. Their religion was mainly Islam. The people they sold....worshiped the God in Heaven. Yep, you're a descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel.

So, its not for us (Blacks born in America) to do the rituals of West Africa because we didn't do them when we lived there. And I AGREE that Christianity has adopted several pagan rituals, which is one of the reasons this country is starting to decline morally.

I usually avoid this kind of thing but this is so completely misinformed I had to write something. I am really tired of folks speaking of xtianity,whose text most of them do not understand, speaking or writing of rituals about which they understand even less.

The 12 tribes of "is it real" have no african relevance at all. Before you speak on our rituals at least study something about what you profess beyond "pastor preached it in church on sunday". Before there was an abraham or a jacob, before there was a muhammad, before buddah was even thought about, YOUR ancestors already had a religious science so deep that modern scholarship is still unable to fanthom it's mysteries, it's buildings and it's monuments.

It is beyond my understanding why those with the slave mind still see xtianity as orthodox and Ifa or Vodou as "pagan". But those who have made study of the history of the canon know of it's "pagan" influences. Perhaps a proper exegesis of romans 12:1-4 would give you some light on this subject.

It is true that some africans sold other africans into slavery. It is also true that some african-americans owned slaves. We are killing each other over power and money all over the world, what's the solution the koran, the bible? Please!