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Greetings Everyone Smile

I've been reading through this thread and a lot of good points have been made on either side.
There is also a lot of finger pointing and whining, and people that seem to judge others off of mere assumptions and stereotypes.

A few questions:
If urkel can have standards why can't his female counterpart? Unless its only women that should be advised to look beyond the physical.
But if the urkels go for flashy women, and the myras go for flashy men, won't there just be a lot of people without anyone?

And how do urkels tell if a woman that is interested in them is the 'type' that would have ignored them back in school? Is it restricted to women with children, or who dress a certain way, what? I'd be real upset if a man would refuse to talk to me because I reminded him of some chick in college who rejected him.

From my experience (not generalizing in any way) it seemed like for every type of guy in my school there was a sista who was interested (maybe not in some deep, super serious relationship cuz people had plenty else on their plates, but still an interest in getting closer). But many of the less popular guys focused on stuff like their lack of popularity with the flashiest females, the lack of large numbers of females hanging off of them, and the fact that females were doing some outrageous ish to get the attention of the wanna-be-thugs and flashy guys but none of that was coming their way.
They often didn't seem to notice the less flashy girls that didn't have the long or always 'done' hair and tight clothes who were interested but were not going to stoop to the flashy girls' tactics to get attention.

This is not to say that black relationship issues are the fault of the guys. There were also plenty of females in college who would do all kinds of stupid, embarassing and degrading things just to get with some guy in hopes of marking him as hers. Plenty of ladies that were so afraid of being alone (at age 20!) that they would put up with anything from a guy. And definitely some ladies that dated guys that went with the image they wanted to project, guys they thought would be more impressive to their group of friends.