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Originally posted by LilFoxyBrwnIntellectual:
Originally posted by Huey:
I think that Raheem is saying that there are some women, educated or not, are attracted to bad boys. It's not like all the Urkels of the world are blaming other women for not being attractive. From my POV, Raheem is saying that b/c the Urkel brother isn't the 1st choice for a thug-hungry woman, he shouldn't accept being the "buddy" of that woman or the constellation prize-potential husband when the thuggish baby-daddy abandons the woman.

He's not making this up. C'mon, how does anyone explain Vivica Fox with 50 Cent? What does a near-40 year old woman want with a thug??? Confused

I could understand a woman in her 20's getting with 50, like Brandy or Alicia Keys (if 50 is their type), but Vivica? Roll Eyes

First Huey, baby, you articulated that differently than Raheem. You didn't interject racial differences in "bad boy" lusts among young women that are unsupported. To Raheem: I mean explain why do Asian American women marry out (w/ white men) at a higher rate even though Asian men are more educated than both white and black men? And Asian American men are also claimed to be better fathers. Asian American men have complained about the same superficiality you claim but they at least have statistics and media portrayals on their side. Asian men are still portrayed as sexless nerds. So your argument is baseless. And let's examine this, if black men were portrayed the same way as Asian men in tv and films-as all Urkels- that would only decrease their chances of finding a mate black, white, Asian and/or Hispanic. It's because of the hyper-masculine and physically well-endowed portrayals and myths that make even Urkel a sexual curiousity.

And this is truly nothing more than sexist rhetoric, as if these "Urkels" are chasing after women in their boat who don't want them. Even Urkel was chasing after Laura who had a different social status than him and was turned off by Myra who was equally as cute as Laura if not cuter but she was a nerd like him. So I think you guys need to save your swan songs. To me there is a double standard nerdy men feel entitled to beautiful women but beautiful women shouldn't feel entitled to men of a greater status? I hear men complain about goldiggers because that is superficial but lusting after a woman with a pretty face is what, just above that?

And I'm sorry I won't lambaste goldiggers or "bad boy" enthusiasts because if a lot of men continue to feel they are entitled to the prettiest face in the room then the prettiest face in the room has every right to feel entitled to the best provider in the room be that financial, social and/or attractiveness. That's the matrix, if you feel you have to have a pretty face then plan out a Bill Gates or Donald Trump-esque ambition. Notice Donald Trump has models left and right and he has a comb-over. And how about good ol' Hef and his "6 girlfriends at one time." Again, I'm "keeping it real" like you guys.Wink

And c'mon who cares about Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent? It didn't even last. I mean 1 Vivica is supposed to be a paradigm of all black women in their 30's or 40's?

I don't date thugs and I'm 22 because I want someone on the same wave-length as me. I am a nerd but I'm not ugly and I find Mos Def and Talib Kweli to be way sexier than 50 Cent. I love Aaron McGruder (the Boondocks creator), Bill Maher, Anderson Cooper (CNN), Carl Hiaasan (sp) (Miami Herald) just because of their individual wits alone. I think 50 Cent is prison wolf GAY. Every time I see him I think of an "OZ" episode. And I could see him being the raper (no pun intended) or the rapee, GROSS!

Also not even rappers are married to the women that are in their videos or even women close to looking like those women. It seems to me they at least sub-consciously know that the women in their videos won't be around when it gets tough. Do a search on Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, DMX, and/or Ja Rule's wife and check out their appearances. That's ironic rappers are actually above superficiality when it comes to choosing a life-long partner. Go figure... Big Grin

so since my point doesn't apply to asian men, asian women dating/marrying white men my point is 'baseless'...Yeah right...Happy Monday Big Grin

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