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Originally posted by Huey:
I think that Raheem is saying that there are some women, educated or not, are attracted to bad boys. It's not like all the Urkels of the world are blaming other women for not being attractive. From my POV, Raheem is saying that b/c the Urkel brother isn't the 1st choice for a thug-hungry woman, he shouldn't accept being the "buddy" of that woman or the constellation prize-potential husband when the thuggish baby-daddy abandons the woman.

He's not making this up. C'mon, how does anyone explain Vivica Fox with 50 Cent? What does a near-40 year old woman want with a thug??? Confused

I could understand a woman in her 20's getting with 50, like Brandy or Alicia Keys (if 50 is their type), but Vivica? Roll Eyes

THANK YOU THAT WAS EXACTLY MY POINT..I had been trying to explain it 88+ different ways and styles, but I'm glad someone else understood my point. Thanks again!!! Big Grin

'Sometimes life is obscene' - Black Crowes

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'Who in the hell left the gate open???' Confused

'Somebody put roots on me' Frown

'I've fallen, and I can't give up!!!' broscream