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Originally posted by djonmaila:
Originally posted by IMMORTAL LOGIC:
A bunch of poster(like Djonmaila) putting up there little "wacky facts" About brothas most are just opinions and stereotypes,(no, black women are NOT the only women to be better educated than their men. All women in this country are better educated,and the difference between us is like what, one point,if even.

Let's be clear. You are talking about percentages. I am talking about _numbers_. If white women are going to school at similar rates as white men, then there are similar numbers of educated white males and females. If black males and females go to school at the same rates, there are still more educated black women than men at the end of the day _BECAUSE WE OUTNUMBER YOU_. That is a fact, not an opinion. If there are 50 bms in the world by age 35 and 80 bfs and half of each have degrees, if we try to pair up the degree-holders, somebody doesn't have a date. So like I was saying before, an educated black man still has more black options than his female colleagues. You should also note that while enrollment rates at colleges are slightly higher for white women than men (a new trend), for _graduation_ rates, white men are still ahead, meaning that white women are not better educated than white men.

Okay djona lets talk raw numbers. U.S. Educational attainment of the population 25 years and over by sex and race 2002:
Black males to attain bachelors degrees or more 1,460(again, just for this year.)
Black females to attain bachelors degrees or more 2,000 So the difference in raw numbers is540
Census for 2001:
Black males to attain bachelors degrees or more 1,466
Black females to attain bachelors degrees or more 1,858 for a difference of412 If you check year by year you'll find the difference is only by a few hundred. So dispite YOU OUTNUMBERING US there is no huge gap like some sistas would like to think. And that's not factoring in brothas who are blue collar, in the military, or small business owners. So if a few sistas here and there can't CONDESEND to being seen with one of those brothas tough.
I read the rest of your post, and I don't disagree with you. Black men are not children, and they are certainly no more brainwashed than we are. For every black man out there who prefers blondes, there's at least one sister spending half her paycheck on weaves, perms, and peroxide. I do not think this is an indictment of men in the issue of black relationships, and you should understand that the next time you lump me with another poster who does.


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The reason I lumped you in with all the other posters is because in these little men/women post, there's always some fact that is based in truth but so much has been inflated, exaggerated, omitted, distorted that it has little resemblence to the actual truth(whether intentional or not) thus the term "wacky facts."

As to the statement about you outnumbering us, your right again. But yet again you make it seem to be some huge difference. U,S, census reports:
90.6 black men for every 100 black women.
But we must all be in prison right? out of 100% of black men (18-64)7.9 are in prison, which is still high compared other races but it also means 92.1 are'nt. And let's be clear 100% of the black female population is'nt exactly running free either. And while there are more bros. in prison than sistas,america has thelargest and still fastest growing prison pop. in the world, and according the justice dept. women are the fastest growing in the u.s. and black women are the fastest growing of women(a 78%increase since the 90's). So to be honest, African american women are the fastest growing prison population in the world. In The national Urban Leagues latest "State of Black America" states that the rate of african american women inmate growth(not prisoners, just the rate)has surpassed that of african american males. Prof.Paula C. Johnson school of law Syracuse,(a sista for anyone about to scream "gender biased" or "racism")Verifies these claims with her research claiming that black women were being "incarcerated at more than twice the rate of increase as black men". At this rate in a decade, there'll be as many AA women or more in prison as AA men(would we be wrong if we told bros to look elsewhere like you did.) I'm not saying that to to be vindictive, but to say 1)the supposed "man shortage" is'nt nearly as big as some make it out to be. And 2)we all need to take a critcal look at the situations in our community, not half but all. And to answer the original question of this post, trust me, men are'nt being scared off,just tired of having to keep proving ourselves, and our worth.

Then I heard another voice say:"come out of her,my people,so that you will not share her sins,so that you will not receive her plagues, for her sins have piled up to heaven and YAH has remembered her crimes,give her back as much as she has given;pay her back double what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup. Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself."(Revelations 18:4-7)

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