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Originally posted by RadioRaheem:
why can't she love a man without a degree?? Is it possible for her to care for, love, and support a degree-less man??

why is that a requirement to dating/marriage??

If she was so attracted to dating the educated, shouldn't she have pursued that love in undergrad school with classmates??

You missed the point, Raheem. In an earlier post you said that the problem was that black women are unhappy because they are too picky. What I have shown you is that a more provable fact is that women outnumber men, even those that are more educated. And I have already told you that the fact is that black women must (and do) marry less educated men if they want to marry black because there's no getting around the shortage. Pretty simple.

In light of that, all the excuses about who's to blame and the indictment of either sex's behavior all become rather ridiculous, and can in fact be explained away by the simple truth.

Black women are single more often because there isn't a black man for each one of them. Black women find themselves as single mothers and in harems more often because the competition over any man has lowered their standards and expectations. Black women are chided for wanting successful, attractive men because the average Joe knows he's best they'll probably get. Black women look hard for the "better man" because the truth is, he's surprisingly hard to find.

None of this has anything to do with black men being more childish than other men or black women being more superficial than other women. This is not rocket science.