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Reply to "Who's to blame for world hatred of Blacks?"

Originally posted by HeruStar:
As you can see I'm definitely not a writer. I'm more of an orator. It's hard for me to convey my message without being able you use all the other aspects of communication ie eye contact, pitch, body language, intonation.

Let me try again.
Quote: "I do what I wanna do, I don't care if I get caught, the DA can play this muthafuckin tape record, I'll kill you, I aint playin, don't you hear what I'm sayin, nigga I aint playin, I catch you slippin Ima kill you"
End Quote.

I can't deny that I think the song is catchy. However, the message is quite clear. 50 wrote that because hatred sells, its "Gangsta".

Being black I know that this is just a display of art. Being spiritual I hear the true message loud and clear.

Whose making millions? Lil John with Get Crunk music, It's amazing how effective it is, cause I get Crunk myself. First he get's your war-like spirit flowing, then he seperates you into sects "Put yo hood up", and orders you to "Knock a hater out", and taunts you for being scared. If he's not a minister I don't know who is.

Kanye West is as close to Mainstream positive as we gone get. "Jesus Walks"

This hatred was instilled in us by our struggle. And we will struggle as long as we have hatred

Lol...white kids buy the most CD's...and the industry is run by who? Not us...