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Reply to "Who's to blame for world hatred of Blacks?"

I agree with what sunnubian said.

And to comment on your original post...The Indian Sub-continent's Hindu colour caste system actually developed millenia prior to chattle slavery and European colonial expansionism. That hatred needs it's own thread, and derives from a similar yet earlier epoch in the history of man known as the Aryan invasion of India...Indo-Europeans who invaded and subjugated the Dravidian/Sundra/Black indigenous Indians...but I digress...T

his is from another thread. It chalks up everything I want to say on this subject so I decided to copy and paste...

Origionally posted by Oshun Auset on another thread:
When European colonizers travelled the world the were GREETED and TAKEN CARE OF almost everywhere they went. They were not hated because they looked differently. History speaks of this time and time again. People usually use hate as an excuse, it develops because two populations are competing for the same land and natural resources...and therefore one population oppresses and exploits the other and needs an excuse to do so,...hate and racism are good excuses...especially if backed up by religious doctrine. Phenotypical differences just happens to be the easiest, most obvious way to hate someone. Especially for Europeans considering the rest of the world is brown and black.

The Scottish and English hated each other...The English wanted control of the Scottish lands and they had to make up a reason why...The Scottish were then said to be inferior and savage...convenient and familiar...The same thing happens the world over. Phenotypically these two groups looked no different...But hate and a tribal/racism was still present...It developed because it was a convenient excuse...This is how racism developed...Ancient Europeans sang songs of praise about the "Blameless Ethiopians"(Heroditus) and travelled to Africa to learn from them/us. Not until the age of conquest/colonialism was the African image denegrated to that of an animal. It developed out of the need to conquor(Western Europe was turning into one huge slum)...

...We are all humans...We have phenotypical differences. Europe cannot sustain itself. That is why Egypt was conquored by Greeks and Romans. They need a bread basket(Zimbabwe anyone?) and industrialization needs raw materials. And then there is just plain old greed that deveops to uncheckable amounts once the imperialist ball starts rolling. That is why the culture and religion that has sprung out of Europe developed and still support racism and hatred.

European/White people aren't going to fight against(in mass) what gives them material advantage over the rest of the world(white supremacy)...It is up to us to put this system in check.

Capitalism is colonial imperialism. It breeds what happends to the image of White and Red Arabs in the coming years...It already started a long time ago...When industrialization needed their oil fields....not a coincidence.

The fact that other non-Europeans hate African people irritates me to know end...but I can't blame them anymore than I can blame my brothers and sisters who hold onto notions like "good hair" and Hate themsleves. "Other non-European folk" are just as confused as we are. But none of us are the root "cause" of this stupidity.

P.S. Don't knock the Asians for having cuisine choices that don't suite the Amerikkkan palet. Dog and Cat isn't that bad(I've had it) And it obviousely is the cancer rates of the United Snakes of that to Asia.

Rat on the other hand...well let me not be closed minded...the revolution may call for me to eat

We shouldn't poke fun at cultural differences. That is something the Western Imperialists taught "us" to do. It makes us no better than what we are complaining about on this thread. You'de be surprised what we eat in some parts of Africa for sustinance.
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