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Reply to "Whoa!"

I posted this because I thought it was an interesting article, not only because of the author's somehow trying to pin Wellsfargo's unethical and racist lending practices on Tavis Smiley (for M.C.'ing an event, seminars, etc., of all things), but, also how there appears to be an African American machine behind the destruction of the the reputation of both Smiley and West.  


How was Smiley to know that Wellsfargo was going to engage in such practices ahead of time, before the rest of the America, the Justice Department, even the borrowers knew?  How was Smiley to know ahead of time that so many African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos were going to accept enormous interest rates and mortgages with balloon payments tacked onto their contracts?  How was Smiley to know ahead of time that Wellsfargo was going to sell jim-crow mortgages to African Americans and Hispanics in this day and age, and while the market was actually booming at the time?


How can West be figured into a demand for Smiley to be psychic regarding Wellsfargo's ulterior motives in lending to African Americans and Hispanics?


It seems to me that Tavis Smiley's name, reputation and convictions were being used by Wellsfargo to relax or eliminate any skepticism that may have been raised by African Americans/Hispanics in the first place.  


Regardless to how anyone feels about Smiley (and West), the fault lies with Wellsfargo, and Wellsfargo alone, because what Wellsfargo did was deliberately target Americans with the least knowledge of the lending industry/interest rates and the most desperate to purchase a piece of the "American dream".  


Wellsfargo, has had a history of unscrupulous or questionable lending practices, dating back to long before this recent market crisis, and long before Smiley had ever arrived to a position of national/African American influence.


The African American and Latino/Hispanic focus should be on Wellsfargo for their deliberate racist lending scheme against African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos' pursuit of the the 'American dream', i.e., using disingenuous practices of only and specifically targeting African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos to deliberately rob them of their piece of the 'American dream' and with what foreclosure does to one's credit history, any future hopes of ever owning property in America.

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