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Reply to "Whoa!"

Originally Posted by Cholly:

Quote by ER: "So .... what's the difference between DRONES that have killed innocent civilians, women and children .... and the (flesh and blood) American SOLDIERS that have ALSO (often intentionally) killed innocent civilians, women and children?"

The difference?

Less green body bags and American flag draped coffins of dead American troops who will more than likely, return back home to their families and loved ones probably physically and/or mentally wounded/injured or maybe not harmed in any way at all...... but not dead.



And when I ask myself that exact same question .... that's the exact same answer that I come up with, too, Cholly!!    And ... interestingly, I can't seem to get anybody else to give me another one!!  Which is WHY I keep asking.


As a non-military person ... I have to say that I have been ASTOUNDED at the number of military trials/court martials/news reports of "rogue" soldiers that .... for whatever mental-breakdown-induced reasons ... have gone out and literally just committed murder of innocent civilians during the "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan .... just in the past couple of years. 


And while those incidents are traumatic ... and rare ... they are indeed the WORST possible scenarios created by the conflict of daily warfare.  


But the number of those incidents aren't even on the MAP of counting all of the real-life, real-time, heat-of-the-moment incidences where our soldiers are compelled to make split-second decisions that lead to (multiple) "accidental" killings of innocent civilians, women and children  that are in the crossfire, villages, wrong-place-wrong-time, situations .... that make then "casualties of war."


And, SADLY, in EVERY war we've ever engaged in .... these types of deaths have been the norm ... being performed by our living, breathing, human being soldiers .... that also have to carry that horror with them for the rest of their lives!!!  A circumstance that "coming home" does not erase from their hearts and minds .... just because they return "to the real world."  It is damage that has caused a multitude of homeless, mentally-ill veterans throughout our nation.


And I won't even talk about the number of soldiers who have themselves been killed and come home in flag-draped coffins from being put in harms way as a circumstance of war.  


In WAR ... people are gonna die.  The right people ... the wrong people ... they're still PEOPLE.  And, before it's over, with CONCRETE CERTAINTY ... far too many - innocent and guilty - will end up dead.  That's just an indisputable fact.


For me .... the LESS U.S. troops that die (in war), the better.  And, of course, the LESS innocent civilians that die, the better.  But numbers of BOTH are going to die ... in an armed conflict.  Period.


IMO, the use of "drones" are saving more lives than they are taking away.  And I'm pretty sure there's documented proof of that fact.  That's the bottom line.


And it seems to me that those opposed to the use of drones are, consequently,  more in favor of the deaths of American soldiers.  Or ... at the very least ... more in favor of putting them in harms way and the high probably of being killed/wounded/made mentally-ill.  'Cause that's what's gonna happen, regardless.  And, there's just no other way you can have it both ways.