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Reply to "Whoa!"

To me ...trying to blame Tavis for what Wells Fargo (intentionally) did to Black people and home ownership is about as ludicrous as blaming President Obama for attacking Libya!!  While both participated in a questionable activity .... neither one was the 'ringleader" for making it happen!! 

False equivalence like a mofo!


I am not aware, nor have I seen presented ANYWHERE where Tavis Smiley has ANY authority to make any decision regarding  the corporation known as Wells Fargo.


Pres. Obama has the authority to order or resend orders in matters involving the US military & CIA.


Obama issued orders regarding Libya.....what where they?


Show and prove where Tavis even has the ability to instruct Wells Fargo to do anything


LOL I'll give you props ER for staying true to your tactics. 


You admit the bogus nature of a charge than quickly try to slide an analogy using Obama to both validate the silliness of the prior claim while  "clearing" Obama from what people accuse him of.


Of course this falls apart when you examine President Obama's own words and actions.......


which brings us right back to Dr West's remarks which have YET to be directly addressed in this thread (except by Dissident).