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Reply to "Whoa!"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

I posted this because I thought it was an interesting article, not only because of the author's somehow trying to pin Wellsfargo's unethical and racist lending practices on Tavis Smiley (for M.C.'ing an event, seminars, etc., of all things), but, also how there appears to be an African American machine behind the destruction of the the reputation of both Smiley and West.  



You know .... while I would agree that trying to put blame on Tavis for knowingly trying to steer Black people into subprime loans is a helluva STRETCH ....  ... I don't see it as any type of 'conspiracy' to ruin him ... at least not in that way.


IMO ... anything Tavis did in the way of promoting Wells Fargo he did (strictly) for the money!!    Wells Fargo was paying his bills (underwriting his radio show) ... and I've no doubt that's all the "encouragement" he needed to be one of their most enthusiastic supporters!!  He does have millions ... and for good reason!


And there's no need to put forth a "plan" to ruin his reputation within the African American community.  He did THAT all by himself!!  And did a bang-up job of it, too!!  He successfully alienated himself - albeit, after, perhaps, what I thought was some overzealous "hate" being thrown his way!!  But, instead of him putting on his "big boy boxers" and sucking it up ... he took them off and decided to slam them on the floor and throw a tantrum on them.  


What this article sounds like to me is the SAME type of bitter, pissed off, "sour grapes" against him by a (probably younger) reporter .... who spews off at the mouth with ridiculous, unfounded and misinformed accusations .... the same way he is doing to President Obama .... and as is the attitude of many of today's younger generation!!  


It's kinda the norm today to get pissed off at somebody ... and just say the first thing that sounds good against them .... whether or not there's any proof or rationality, or knowledge about the subject being discussed!!    While it definitely makes for a good headline to suggest Tavis give back millions of dollars to ... whoever this person thinks is supposed to get it!! .... it's irrational to me to surmise that Tavis 'was in on it' as a scam .... or that he would have been smart enough to recognize it as one .... or that he would even look past the "I'm making millions of dollars here" aspect of it to suspect that he may have been being used!!  


To me ...trying to blame Tavis for what Wells Fargo (intentionally) did to Black people and home ownership is about as ludicrous as blaming President Obama for attacking Libya!!  While both participated in a questionable activity .... neither one was the 'ringleader" for making it happen!!  


But that didn't stop people from believing whatever they wanted to believe.