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Reply to "Whoa!"

I'll just take a wild guess and say that Tavis and West won't attempt in the next 4 years to get an official appointment to see President Obama at the White House in the Oval Office to discuss their poverty agenda since they have already started bitchin' and moaning 3 days before the President took his second oath of office and sworn in.

Brother West has a complaint, address your disdain to the King children since they lent the Bible and permission of use to President Obama.


And what in the damnation is Newt Gingrich doing on stage at the assembly?

Why are they feeding Gingrich all this data to use against African Americans?


Has Tavis and brother West sunk that low? Are they really relegated to inviting slithering snakes?

Is this where they both have finally landed with "ass hanging all out" in the land of total obsecurity and irrelevancy?


Hell, while they're at it, just make it official and get a contract paying gig with Fox News as political analysts and invite "Rushy" Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to the party next time!

Don't West and Smiley know that bottom feeders like Gingrich isn't their friend or associate, is storing information to use against Blacks at his earliest convenience and is looking at both of them as potential Republican recruits; always looking for some more "good" yet disgruntled, emotional, deshelved and "loyal to the flag" n*ggers.

I know they don't like the President but dammmmmnnn!....This is even for those two idiots, just to way out of bounds,


Oh yea, one last thing....The President's inauguration ball is tonight.

Isn't one of the reasons why West is still pissed at Obama is because he didn't get invited to the 2008 inauguration and especially outraged when he found out that the taxi driver who drove him to the hotel he stayed in while in D.C. got tickets?

If i were the Prez, i would express mail West some tickets just to f" with him!

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