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Reply to "Whoa!"

Quote by ER: "So .... what's the difference between DRONES that have killed innocent civilians, women and children .... and the (flesh and blood) American SOLDIERS that have ALSO (often intentionally) killed innocent civilians, women and children?"

The difference?

Less green body bags and American flag draped coffins of dead American troops who will more than likely, return back home to their families and loved ones probably physically and/or mentally wounded/injured or maybe not harmed in any way at all...... but not dead.

That's the difference and that's why President Obama heavily uses unmanned attack drones with the drone pilot miles away in a hardened structure staring at a video screen with a video game controller in hand flying the unmanned attack drone and striking pre planned and stragetic enemy targets instead of using human jet pilots or the use of ground troops. 

Killed/wounded innocent Afghans? 

Collateral damage that's incidental to the intended target. Incidental destruction of civilian property and non combatant casualties.

Collateral damage of innocent people and property destruction is going to happen anyway regardless if unmanned drones, human jet pilots dropping bombs or ground troops are used.....probably worse if you use ground troops because the soldiers/marines are trained with a mentality that is mostly two fold:

"To kill the enemy in front of you with extreme prejudice and blow shit up".

And more time than not in the heat of battle, you trust no one that doesn't look like you and MANY times you just can't tell the difference between who's the enemy or not.

Drones?........I love em'....Let them fly and do their thing!

Less dead Americans.