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Reply to "Whoa!"

Quote by Dissident: "Oh Lord! Now Dr. West is the villain. Who will the villain be next week?"

Dr. West isn't the villian.

No one considers him a villian but he's not helping his case being depicted as one because he beginning the second term of Obama's presidency the very same way he started and ended the first term.......complaining and bitchin' alongside Tavis about the President not doing absoluty nothing or anything about the African American community, poor people and poverty when they have, probably more than anyone else, the knowledge and unique ability to get direct assess to the President and strongly discuss their agendas and all their researched data findings from last year's poverty tour.

Dr. West and Tavis have to stop using the fact that simply because Obama is a Black man that they both don't have to do anything; get directly involved, up close and personal in Obama's face to steer him more in the right direction regarding African Americans.

A President has the overall and very broad responsibility and accountability of ALL Americans both here in America and everywhere around the world to  protect, support, care for and worry about and if the current President were a Hispanic, he/she would have the same issues with their versions of Hispanic "Tavis & Dr. West" critics because as President, you can't specifically focus like that without considering everybody else.

And yes the President has his facts about the African American community (and a little more because he's Black and worked as a community organizer) no different than any other ethnic community in America but he also needs Tavis and Dr. West "Black" instead of sitting/standing in the bleachers booing and walking up and down the sidelines in anger, bitchn' and moanin' to anyone who will listen about Obama's ineffectiveness and his 99% White inner circle of advisors in front of road kill buzzards like Newt Gingrich who could give a good damn about ANY Black people, go directly to the White House time and time again and make your case to the President and not the "Black" President Of The United States.

Tavis, who is the real negative cog this wheel, and West (who acts only as his prop) purposely squandered the first 4 years, mad and pissed off at everybody who doesn't agree with them specifically with their disagreements with Obama while at the same time, dissing all their once former "friends" (Sharpton, Tom Joyner, Jesse Jackson, Michael Eric Dyson etc) who decided to not play that game of being non supportive and side with both of them instead..... not get with the President and now they are going down the same ole dusty dirt road with the next 4 years and there is no excuse for that except for being no different than what Republicans and Tea Party worked so hard and relentless for with the first 4 years and wanted the President to miserably and get voted out of office.

And if that did happen, then what would Tavis and West do about President Romney regarding African Americans, poor people and poverty?

Restart the "State of Black America" and the "Covenant" once again and first say "I told you so" and start begging back all his now abandoned friends that Tavis so quickly distanced himself from when Obama became President....when he said every year as the January SOBU assembly that one of the reason for his  "State Of Black America" agenda was to "keep an eye on the President"?

If it (SOBA & Convenant) was good enough for White Presidents to keep them in line, why wasn't it good enough for this Black President?

Nobody asked or told Tavis to give that up, He did that all on his own and he wrongly blamed (and I'll use his favorite word) "Negroes" as one of his reasons for ending it.

No one ever said that African Americans wouldn't support his continuing the State Of Black America agenda.....he made an assumption that Blacks wouldn't support him because he faced some opposition for the very first time and he wasn't strong enough to over come it.

Why can't or won't Tavis and Dr. West go see the President in the Oval Office White House and make their case in front of the man?

I just don't understand why.