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Reply to "Who watches the Evening News about Iraq?"

But the following is strictly 'conjecture':

"Human beings do not naturally support violence and terror. They do so only when they believe their lives or country are at stake. These were not at stake in the Iraq War. Bush lied to the American people about Saddam and his weapons"

And if Bush lied, then Clinton lied, Albright lied, Powell lied, and just about every world leader on the planet within the UN lied since they ALL said saddam was a threat to world security and needed to be dealt with, for almost a decade now. Clinton went as far as to say he "KNOWS" Saddam will obtain and eventually "use" nuclear and wmd's one day", he said this as far back as Dec. 1998. Thats a quote.

So clinton believed saddam was putting this country at 'stake', as did Bush and 75% of americans. Did everyone who ever said the word 'Iraq' lie, or is this just the opinion of a minority? I tend to believe the latter.

You had up to 75% of all americans saying they believed that getting saddam was the right thing to do. The UN itself passed unanimous resolutions demanding saddam disarm. They saw the same exact news reports and heard the same exact speeches that you and I did. I seriously doubt they'd demand unanimously that a certain nation must disarm, if they believed theres no weapons there. Are you saying you are more informed or smarter than most of the world?

So, your view that saddam had no weapons is to the point of sounding ridiculous. Sorry, but theres no way that your minority of opinion is somehow superiorly informed about saddam. That just doesn't fly.

Even today that figure of about 70% who say the war was the right thing still stands, so are you actually claiming that 3/4 of all americans believe only lies? That would sound awfully arrogant of you if you did of course, unless you can disclose here and now your 'secret' sources of information.

Naturally your views are 'opinion', not fact as you suggest.

But feel free to explain how thousands upon thousands of people, and world leaders, can lie publicly, with no fact verification coming from the immensity of the worlds media apparently, including people on both sides of the political spectrum in this country, AND the UN itself who demanded saddam disclose and disarm himself. Please explain how or why the UN was lying about saddam that way.

Remember, there was no disagreement about saddams arsenal, the vote was unanimous, the only disagreement was over the term 'serious consequences' and what that meant in the UN resolution.

So, you'd have to believe at least half the world 'lied' for you to believe Bush lied, would you not? So, is that what you believe? You got secret unknown sources for your claims? Do tell.

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