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Who watches the Evening News about Iraq?

One of the things that the mainstream press is trying to convey is that the aftermath in Iraq is totally disorganized, and we have no idea what we're doing, we're not prepared for it, we're losing soldiers, and all that, which is horrible, and Bush is totally lost, blah blah blah blah blah....

I myself as a student of history have been left a little perplexed by all this, since I recall what it took in Japan, in the aftermath of World War II, what it took in Germany after World War II and the fact that we're still there, still have troops in both places.

So, a little historical perspective and comparison is in order:

In Germany, we did the same thing that we are doing in Iraq. We went in and we took over the country for the purposes of establishing a free and open country, and it took us a while to do it.

How long did it take to set up an independent central bank? This is one of the requirements when establishing functioning priorities of a new country. It took three years to establish an independent central bank in Germany. In Iraq, it has taken two months.

In Germany it took 14 months to establish a functioning police department. In Iraq, this has been done in two months.

In Germany, it took three years to concoct and implement a new currency. That has been done already in Iraq.

It took 14 months to establish a cabinet in Germany. It's been done in four months in Iraq, with the Iraqi governing council.

Already, the above things are up and running in just 4 months.

The unknowns:

War trials, there are none in Iraq so far. Took six months to get those going in Germany.

It took four years for elections to take place in Germany. We still don't know how long it's going to take in Iraq.

How long was it before there was full sovereignty for Germany after World War II? It was ten years.

And what are the demands now being made on Iraq? Why, we ought to be out of there by now, right? Well, obviously thats a little unrealistic once you appreciate the historical perspective.

Now, in my view, this is important because the historical perspective has been lost totally. The Marshall Plan took years. Iraq could take a year or two. Whats so bad about that?

As most of us know, its easy to be negative, to believe the doom and gloom, to believe everything is going to fall apart, the sky is falling, etc. The media makes a living off such news. It takes a lot of work to be positive. Iraq is a major undertaking, and will take some time. Everything worthwhile does.

Next time you hear the doom and gloom crowd chanting the sky is falling, just sit back and take a breath, and review your newfound historical perspective on the issue. By educating ourselves, we can see that Iraq is small potatoes compared to what the US went through and achieved in the past, and theres no reason whatsoever to be paniced or scared or overly blustered about the first 4 months in Iraq.

Fact is, its going awfully well by all accounts. 25 million people liberated without a massive refugee exodus or even civil war. You know as well as I do that if 25 million Iraqis wanted the US out of Iraq, they'd be out. But 95% of the Iraqi population wants us to stay, a figure not heard enough on the 'evening news'.
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