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Reply to "Who Should Pay for Reparations? Black Americans... Obviously"

Nmaginate and James Wesley Chester, It was not my intent to insult you. If somehow I did, I apologise.

Nmaginate I will disagree with you on your this, Your quote:
Why, thank you... Oh, Silly One. I guess me fan club gets bigger and bigger by the day... with nary a one, especially you, having a single thing to say - other than some silly shit, as anyone can magnificiently articulate.

Not all people are going to articulate, nor see any issue, whether written or physicall has others do. You posses critical thinking and intelligence that is probably off the charts.

So do not expect all people to measure up to your plateau.
Perhaps you should consider using your gifts in a more hospitable and non condescending manner.

I have read many of your post. You have a prepensity to "hammer" and berate people who disagree with you. Or who are not as "enlightened" as you. This is equivelant to being born with a silver spoon in your hand, and condemming others for not.

You can educate the masses and make tremendous accomplishments,without berating people, Nmaginate.