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Reply to "Who Should Pay for Reparations? Black Americans... Obviously"

At least offer the courtesy of not insulting everyone's intelligence.
More like have enough self-respect and self-esteem as to not discredit his/their own intelligence by thinking dumb shit like that will fly. At least make a more compelling case, if there is one... (Oops! There isn't one).

It's really sad and I sorta feel sorry for people who have problems saying things beyond the little juvenile simplistic, half-a-first-thought ridiculous ideas they think would or should resonate.

Here's a short list of this Child's Themes (with him thinking he's talking to unsuspecting children):

#1] Invoke MLK. MLK = Good.

If MLK said it, they'll buy it -- without respect to context or anything in their being screaming "BULLSHIT!!"... The authors pedestrian and pre-school level attempt to slide in the Pork Bill statement "We Cannot Walk Alone" (an attempt to try to attach a seemingly "honest" statement) with his idiotic and typical and false, anti-MLK accusation just shows how pathetic he knows his own views and the accusation is. So, yes. By all means get MLK to help you out. Lots of help needed. Dump trucks of sugar needed to sweetened that heavily creamed assertion.

For someone who tries hard to establish his eventual hack-thesis (after he got finished politically, ideologically hacking on the B-CON themes, BULLSHIT/[Black] CONservative Talking Point themes) -- "our problems must be overcome through personal success" -- he sure didn't like his Coffee BLACK then:

We didn't do it alone. {Tubman]{MLK} We cannot walk alone. = "Whites Needed. Whites Helped." Now, curiously, when it comes to actual REPARATIONS, actual payback, this Negro wants us to Walk Alone. Nice to know he wasn't trying to play off and live off MLK. According to OPEY, "most of that is factual."

Factually, logically flawed, I'm sure he meant to say. And that's why would be all day going through that ridiculous tripe. I mean, we are treated to the Reverse Sell-Out theme (because Black people love to talk people who sell them out), the We've Let Them Down theme, the Racism Isn't Stoppin' Us theme (so please consider that WHITE America [has paid] Reparations... please!?!?)... And that doesn't even cover all that Liberal this and the Socialist that and all sorts of other BULLSHIT - esp. the Be Grateful [and gracious To WHITE FOLK] Because You're LUCKY To Be BORN IN AMERICA theme and the WHITE PEOPLE Like Us Now theme (see Colin Powell).

It doesn't even cover one self-contradicting set of themes: Somehow, mysteriously, even in the midst of Black leaders not telling us "we can overcome" Roll Eyes... All this "Black Success" happened under their watch:
Already, more than 40% of black families have a middle-class standard of living. In nearly every industry, blacks are not only represented, but excel. This is pretty good for being just 13% of the population, and with half of us still under the age of 18. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby are among America's most beloved celebrities. Colin Powell received the highest poll rating of any potential presidential candidates a few years ago.
Hmmm... ALREADY those much maligned Black Leaders have stumbled their way to us have that kind of success... under their watch. Oh? You want to attribute that to something else? To White help?

Well, with Colin Powell as a witness, he, for one, seemed to approve of the so-called "something for nothing" thingy called Affirmative Action.

Hmmm... How does that "something for nothing" thing work when America, apparently, at the same time has been paying for Reparations? What? Reparations = "nothing"??
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