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Reply to "Who Should Pay for Reparations? Black Americans... Obviously"

Nmaginite, How is it, a person who posses incredible intelligence (you) can see only a microcosim of "hint" in the article. I disagree that it doubted any ones ability to succeed.
You really do have problems READING and COMPREHENDING.

And I do belive that as adults, we always need a word of encouragement. And of praise for a job well done.
Like the proverbial pat on the head some would say the author here is trying, auditioning so hard for, huh? Roll Eyes

I will agree that there is a element of "white supremecy" out there. But you may be surprised to find it is for the upper 1% of the elitist.
When you know what the hell you're talking about then tell me what I "may be surprised to find."

Who technically hate all peoples without $100 million liquid.
...(*ahem*) (clearing throat, major phelm from having to repeat or say something so obligatory to where I need to take a second and make sure it comes out loud and clear)...
"What Does HATE Have To Do With It?"

GET A FUCKIN' CLUE. Get a fuckin' concept. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

I am very sceptical of reports that say" It's all going well". I know better.
What was the point of those stats you referred to? What was the 1% white supremacy report meant to communicate?

I do not know if it was actually factual to fullest extent, but I feel very confident most of it was factual.
Roll Eyes

And what you feel "very confident about" is suppose to mean WHAT to me?

There is no factual value to this opinion piece, a political HACK piece, trying its idiotic best to "encourage" people to act, think and respond contrary to common sense. That and to buy into to some... well, the authors "warped interpretation" and other assorted ridiculous utterances.

At best, there might be one half of a hint of a microscopic particle that's about anything other than the authors futile attempt to recruit Company with his Misery.

His little pep-talk at the end of his piece, after he went to the ends he did, employing the means he did... Well, I could see why he and you need that pep-talk. With silly shit like that, it's got to be pretty hard to believe it's going to sell. So yes! He made sure he pulled out all the rhetoric stops begging others to accompany him in his self-delusional, self-emasculating torment.

By the way, your articulation was magnificent.
Why, thank you... Oh, Silly One. I guess me fan club gets bigger and bigger by the day... with nary a one, especially you, having a single thing to say - other than some silly shit, as anyone can magnificiently articulate.

Oh and BTW, since you already know that I do scan for Hints of Bullshit, why expose yourself the way you do? Clearly communicating that your whole purpose here, directing your comments to me, is full of BS?

Now, go ahead, ask yourself what do you think, why do you think what you have to say here or what you think or feel "very confident about" matters at all to me? What you think is suppose to mean WHAT to me? WHY?

I mean, think about the tact you've taken here.
Everything you've said is premised on me valuing or trusting what you think and what you say. You know, at face value.

Dude? Didn't you get the hint? That stuff doesn't fly with me. (*ahem*) Was that magnificiently done? Magnificiently stated? Copping a you: I think so! Smile

LOL bump