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Reply to "Who Should Pay for Reparations? Black Americans... Obviously"

Now Nmaginate, what is so:" simple, curiously,(?) ridiculously unfounded ( although the statistics clearly speak for themself)about a encourageing satement as "WE CAN SUCCED"...
I already answered you question.

RHETORIC ain't shit, Opey.

I said:
Someone must have forgot to tell him that was NEVER in question.

Who doubted or rather who tried to cast doubt on whether WE CAN SUCCEED or not?

There is too much of a history of unshakeable faith, courage and BELIEF in the abilities of Black people by our ancestors for anyone to ever, unthinking make the statement that "WE CAN SUCCEED" because, by definition, it means there was some reason to believe that we couldn't.

Now, you tell me why you would have to be "encouraged" (insulted is more like it) by a statement that ASSUMED and assigned inferiority to you?

That's what WE CAN SUCCEED says. That's why it's simple, curiously, ridiculously unfounded.

And what part of this DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?
Obviously, he has/had some self-esteem issues

Who but someone with self-esteem issues needs encouragement in the form of "WE CAN SUCCEED! [Do you believe it?]"

So, OPEY... What is so hard with actually READING and COMPREHENDING? I believe I was very clear as to what I was objecting to. I know I was clear as to what I was calling UNFOUNDED.

So what statistics were you referring to?
Statistics that were ACTUALLY RELEVANT to what I actually took issue with?

Now, what really is/was your malfunction?
Why would you ever be so stupid as to think I believe or take the position you wanted to ascribe to me as if I doubted whether "WE CAN SUCCEED."

Allow me to give you a little "encouragement", Jesse Jackson style:
WE(you) CAN SUCCEED... WHEN WE READ (for comprehension)sck

So, yes!! I was suggesting a Drop Squad or a Jump On or Jump In for anyone who dares act like our abilities, our capacity, our will and our drive to "succeed" are anything that was ever in doubt.

No stats needed. A cursory glance (and understanding) of our history in this country proves that... AS IF THAT'S EVEN NECESSARY. Again, no stats necessary.

No case needs to be made about whether WE CAN SUCCEED or not. Again, it hints of some serious self-esteem problems, some serious internalized racism and feelings of inferiority for someone to have to have statistics or some type of case that shows "WE CAN SUCCEED."

If you need "proof" then that means you really have some level of doubt or lack of confidence or small amount of faith and belief.

Encouragement of that manner is for kids. It's good to hear good things but for an adult, it's an insult to their intelligence.

And the irony is really thick. Contrasting the things some people who love to employ this RHETORIC have to say In Deference to White Supremacy and Racism... Yeah, the irony is thick.