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Reply to "Who knows the real story behind 3/5 man legistlation?"

Originally posted by sergeant:
There was NEVER a chance of zero. That was the whole point and problem the north faced you moron. It was either 1 or 3/5th of 1.

What words or fractions are giving you so much trouble today whiteboy?

Ok, the topic is officially over, theres nothing more I can add, or spoonfeed to whiteboys.

Everyone understands, and ricky can get back to bashing his students or whatever.....

Are you locking the thread to further posts?

BTW, where did you get this stuff about me bashing my students? You've been saying stupid shit like this for a couple of days, now.

I suppose that you just made it up in your head, just like you do with other stuff...

Illegal, noun:

A term used by the descendents of European Immigrants to refer to descendants of Native Americans

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