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Reply to "Who knows the real story behind 3/5 man legistlation?"

This sounds a lot like PW-theoretics!
Don't ya think, Ricardo!

Yeah, and tell the slave-masters their reimbursement for Room & Board is in the mail and double-stamped!

Didn't you recently say something about it:
"It's not what you think about a particular topic, but rather how you think about it."

Well, DUMB-StuuuPid-Lonely-SARGE... (silly RaBBiT!)
60% vs. 100% count on slaves and the South representation... Ahhh!! IF WE WERE NOT REPRESENTING OURSELVES then there was no reason for anyone else (read Slave-masters) to profit in any way from whatever percent we "accounted" in representation.

So, in effect, NO!! We will not celebrate someone sticking half-a-knife (or 60%) in our gut when psycho-reflecting that they could have stabbed us with the whole 100% of it!

Regardless the South was, in essence, rewarded for having slaves by giving THE MASTERS extra say at our expense ("paid" by us). The results are nothing to celebrate or promote with "it could have been worse" type logic.