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Reply to "Who knows the real story behind 3/5 man legistlation?"

Yes, vox knows it. Thanks, and none too soon I might add.

And no vox, there is nothing you've offered that is new to me. You in fact have misinterpreted the 'meaning' of this event somewhat, which I'll be glad to clear up for ya as well.

what Sarge fails to realize is that the real story, as detailed above, is even worse: they actually got to count us toward added representation for themselves, knowing full well that we would be denied any of the benefits of that representation.

Well no, I didn't miss the fact that we did get counted. Thats obvious to me.
BUT, you have framed this fact in a negative way, using the term 'worse', which is ass- backwards in my view. Thats miscomprehension.

Bearing in mind the way congress actually functions is necessary in understanding this event. Law applies here, its not up to people's wishes or whims.

"they actually got to count us toward added representation for themselves"

But that certainly was not the "WORSE" thing that would have happened. You are wrong on that, unless:

They got to only count 3/5ths of the added representation they otherwise would have counted, is that not correct Vox?? Are you saying it would have been better to have %100 representation for each slave for the south??? You would WANT the South to have prevailed and gained MORE power???
Wouldn't THAT have been the WORSE scenario as you phrase it vox?

Isn't LESS representation, and therefore, LESS influence by the south what YOU would prefer??

Why would you use the term 'worse' in reference to having the %100 cut to only %60?? I'm not following that, unless of course you favor slavery.

I don't think so vox. Rethink that please.

The 3/5th compromise was a victory for those opposing slavery, ironically yes, but nonetheless a positive event in our history. As often, the event itself does not tell the whole story.

(disclaimer: I will not be responding to the inevitable comments of lowest common denominator amongst us here, like mag, who inevitable will now insult, disparage, tell us how smart they are for the umpteenth time, get it wrong again, etc etc, you know the usual suspects.)