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Reply to "Who is Black????"

Originally posted by john doe:
Well then, it is I, john doe, the doester from the other forum. Good to see you again! How have you been? You'll also bump into BBankins, Whoopie, and Vox! Even Sugar occassionally graces us with his presence. (Well, no site is perfect!)

JD!! What's up?? I've been doing quite well!! And yourself?? I noticed some of your posts in another topic!! I know you're not yelling, it's just your style!!! I knew I would "run" into you again!!!

Actually, Landrith's opinions represent my own. I will always continue to slam hard at the One Drop Rule with either my own opinions or those of someone else of whom I am in agreement with.

Anyways, good to see you old buddy!! As well as it's good to see my buddy Bankins!!

This is not just a question for you, but for anyone reading:

Plessy vs. Ferguson (US Supreme Court 1896): Does anybody know what this case was really all about?????