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Reply to "Who is Black????"

It seems as if one of my post on TBWT brought a lot of individuals to this board. Well that's good, glad to have you all here.

Independent man aka myownman be honest with all the posters here first and foremost before posting things as you have posted here. This issue of who is black as I stated earlier only matters to people who do not want to be classified as Black and have all those things that are part of being Black associated with who they are. These are your words "I have more European heritage than I have African, though I was raised to think that this was impossible."

Let it be known that you do not consider yourself Black and this is your interest in this topic. As far as me posting on this topic, read my words again. I said arguing over who is Black is asinine. I have not nor will I debate who is black and who is not Black. I know who I am, it is men, and women like you that seem to be confused as to who you are.

By all standards, some creatures are just plain strange, making us do double takes because their compositions or habits or appearances defy our sense of logic and our way of viewing reality. Take the wildebeest, the warthog, the hyena, the brown pelican, the Shar-Pei. These animals, seemingly wrought by committee, make us laugh or shake our heads. Another such creature, of the human kind -- and perhaps the strangest of all -- is the black Republican. "

Bill Maxwell

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem