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Reply to "Who is Black????"

Whoopie, It would be silly of me or anyone to try to set a definition in stone as to who is Black and who is not Black. That which makes a person Black is far more than just the characteristics commonly associated with being Black. There is no absolute as to who is Black and who is not Black. If there were an absolute we would not be having this discussion. Beyond the characteristics of being Black one must believe and say they are Black. I am a Black man; there is no questioning that. I am not afraid to be associated with those things that are associated with being Black. I am not afraid of the history of the Black man and woman here in America or anywhere in the Diaspora. I don't get involved in silly arguments with anyone who says they are not Black for whatever reason. You have people like Armstrong Williams who have all the characteristic of a Black man but he would tell you he is not Black he is American, as if being American can replace being Black. So if he doesn't want to be Black than that's his personal choice. I am not into making people admit they are anything if they say they are not that.

The world is viewed through the eyes of every individual. I say Mr. Williams is a Black man. He would say different. If an individual don't want to be Black, oh well. It will not change how others perceive him or her. The same goes for anyone claiming to be Black.

We must be honest, it only matters who is Black and who is not Black when an issue is being raised that effect Black people detrimentally or beneficially. It matters not to me who is Black and who is not Black. I am about the business of Black people. If you identify with Black people and me then so be it. If you do not and you get in the way of progress for Black people, I will roll over you as if you are the enemy and not think twice. Any one who is arguing who is Black and who is not is wasting their time. Arguing over who is Black and who is not is as asinine as the NAACP in 60's fighting to get "Negro" capitalized in newspapers.

I hope that helps you out Whoopie.

By all standards, some creatures are just plain strange, making us do double takes because their compositions or habits or appearances defy our sense of logic and our way of viewing reality. Take the wildebeest, the warthog, the hyena, the brown pelican, the Shar-Pei. These animals, seemingly wrought by committee, make us laugh or shake our heads. Another such creature, of the human kind -- and perhaps the strangest of all -- is the black Republican. "

Bill Maxwell

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem