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Reply to "Who is Black????"

Originally posted by Whoopie:

And _if_ it is offensive coming from _me_, imagine how it must be felt coming from a so-called "brotha"...

No, I'd much rather be called 'Uncle Tom' by someone black. I'd feel that they had some standing or basis to call me that. It hurts more from someone black, but it angers me more from someone not black.

My problem with it here is a mixture of the following:

  • You use it within the context of describing anyone that is liberal or a Democrat as intellectually, politically, and professionally lazy. This just because blacks are currently overwhelmingly Democrat. Are the wealthy also "not thinking on their own", "not being their own people", and allowing themselves to be "pigeon-holed" because they are overwhelmingly Republican?

  • It is a part of the feeble argument that suggests that blacks are somehow not able to vote any way other than Democrat. BTW - this argument conveniently takes conservatives off the hook to actually work for black Americas votes. As I've noted a number of times elsewhere, this argument is just factually wrong since _as a block_ we shifted from being Republican (the Party of Lincoln) to Democrat with FDR.

  • By using the epithet "Uncle Tom" here, which alludes to being anti-black, you are now linking into the old and disengenuous 'anti-success' argument that is destructive and serves no positive purpose in our community.

    Anyway - Whoopie - again, and with all due respect, only an aggrieved white man could say that blacks have it better in a society made by and for white males. Just becuase not every white male is Daddy Warbucks does not mean that the game isn't rigged for him and against others.


    Onward and Upward!

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