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Reply to "Who is Black????"

I'm not as thoroughly read up on the issues as some here. Personally, I think I understand the basics enough to know that this will always be an issue until we are all physically blind.

My Point, based on listening to some of my learned brothers/sisters:
  • When they first started coming over, they bought indentured servants. Black and white. Well, problem was, the white indentured servants could run away and blend in. We stood out like a redneck in the ghetto. Easy to see how this lead to slavery, forget the indentured part. No way we could pass for a non-sservant.
  • White people came from a place with class distinction being an integral part of society. They don't need black people around to develop superiority complexes. If everyone in the world could be blond, blue eyed and still they would find a way to discrimnate. It is unfair of me to pin this trait on white people, because it is a human trait. Look at our own neighborhoods, gang wars. But because of where white people came from, a place with limited natural resources, not enough food for everyone, etc... this is the natural development(read The Climate by Pearl Jr.), so thus I admit, we do the same now.
Taking these to things into consideration: How you look will always matter when it comes to the haves and the have-nots, especially when there is not enough to have. So the eliminatin of race consideration will benefit EVERYONE, but those of us with color or features that you can tell are definitely not white. I.E. skin color, eye shape (asian).

An example: I was interacially married for 13 years. My ex husband is Thai (Thailand, not Taiwan). My last name was a long azz obviously Asian last name. When I was job hunting, I'd talk to them over the phone first and they were excited to meet me. They loved me, that is, until they met me and found out I was a black woman. I got this from white and asian perspective (men) employers. They did not do anything outright right there. But even though I did well on the test and it look like I was a fit, all of sudden, I could not reach them on the phone or did not hear back from them.

Solutions: They only thing I want to do is concentrate on building our communities and not rely on them, need them for anything. Everyone else that seems to immigrate here build a strong foundation, commnities, self regulation. And though we did not immigrate willingly, relying on American justice is not going to ever work, not until we can equally run things.

I'm not saying that this is the only answer or even the right one. My heart speaks from the pain of what I see and learn everyday about how they purposely try to keep us down. We can rise above it, I know it!

La Femme Nkechi
Consider how hard it is to change yourself & you'll understand what little chance you have of changing others
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