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Reply to "Whites Do Not Belong in hiphop"

Everybody belongs in music.

But I know what you mean.

The problem is we don't own the media which names it and claims it.

We are only now being to control the companies that issue the music.

Production. Publishing.

Don't forget. We 'do' 'white' music.

We do pop.

We do opera.

We do country and western.

We do polkas.

What it is.

There is an unfairness. They do try to steal our music, and claim they started/invented it.

Goodman's music didn't 'fly' until he hired Fletcher Henderson.

Frank Sinatra was done when Eckstine put down his trumpet and started singing.

That is until he Basie's Band with Q's arrangements to put him back on the scene.

Go back and take a listen. Sinatra was absolutely incidental on the tunes.

I would have sounded good.

In fact,....


Jim Chester


Jim Chester