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Reply to "Whites Do Not Belong in hiphop"

Originally posted by isistah:
I'm kind of glad to see them coming on the scene. Now maybe rap will evolve into something new. That's what usually happens.

...and usually when that happens the true essence becomes void, the 'blackness' in the music becomes relegated. Suddenly it's the typical white mans version of what he thinks hip hop should or should not be.

Look at jazz for a moment. If you ever watched a jazz documentary (PBS, History Channel etc.) you would be under the impression the only people that ever done anything in jazz is white folks. They attempt to convey to the viewer an image of whites as the ones who put the wheels in motion - taking much credit for the evolution of jazz then claiming it to be an "American" art form (which we all know is synonymous for white) when jazz is truly an Afrikan art form modernized by African Americans. But somehow this crucial fact is always a convenient oversight. This is no accident my friend. Whites now have a grip on the jazz industry. They have controlling interest over the originators while Black jazz musicians now must hustle to get a contract to make a living. But Rod Stewart steps on the scene and is given one (which his CD isn't really jazz).

Conscious minded Black folk see the theft and corruption of Black culture everyday. First whites rename it to take the racial idenity out of it for obvious reasons, then they steal it. Example: race music became rock and roll when whites appointed Elvis as the "king". Hard core hip hop was forced to carry warning labels which limited their record sales and T.V. appearances. But now the cursing is being done by a blonde haired blue eyed pale white boy who's being pushed by MTV, VH1 and that crusty old Dick Clark to name a few.

Take the so-called boy bands. When listening to white DJ's you would think this phenom is something new. Artist such as Frankie Lymon & the Teenages and dozens of other teenage 50's groups who set the trend are disregarded. The Jackson 5, New Edition and Boyz to Men were around making music before these current white boy bands were alive, yet todays bands have been descirbed as "new" and "refreshing".

Every little thing Black people do get's plagerized by white America, then Blacks ultimately get written out of their own achievements. Like the comedian Paul Mooney said: "everybody want's to be n**** but nobody want's to be a n****."

Are we going to continue to walk in a deep sleep or will we finally wake up from this madness and debunk their nonsense?